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CYNDI'S LIST OF GENEALOGY SITES ON THE INTERNET  is one of the best resources on the internet. It is large and should be bookmarked by any person researching their family. Because Cyndi's list exists, it is not necessary for me to list all the sites I have personally used. I recommend a visit to Cyndis list as it is often updated and few of the links remain broken for long.

This section of the website is a place where you can find some lesser known research resources. I recommend you bookmark this page as it will be updated often as more resources come to hand.

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Once the census records have been exhausted, it is very difficult to enlarge your family tree. Whilst it is best to actually visit the various archive and library resources, this is not always possible, especially if you live on another continent. Internet resources are available that can assist you.  As it can be long and ardous process to find documents and then research them for links to your own line, I highly recommend you use your Ctrl + F buttons to search individual documents you may be viewing.

Historical directories can be checked by clicking on the link in the right hand column of this site, but there are more resources. Was your ancestor a member of the Royal Geographical Society, or perhaps a Gentleman? Try this resource for free access to old uk journals. INTERNET LIBRARY OF EARLY JOURNALS . You can browse or search and read online.

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Museums are often an overlooked resource. However, you may be amazed to discover an ancestor has been documented and researched and even has exhibits dedicated to them. It is worth trolling through the online museum resources. I found an ancestor who was a school teacher , who had her very own exhibit at the Devizes Museum in the UK. The VIRTUAL LIBRARY OF MUSEUMS has many links to exhibits and historical data.

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Online newspaper Archives are a great way to search out your family or ancestral home in  the news. There are paid options, but the free archives that are readable online are fairly extensive and are definitely worth a visit. (You will need to allow active x to run on your computer) Visit UK NEWS ARCHIVES here.

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