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Born c1766 in Coombe, Enford. Co.Wiltshire England. died 10 Nov. Pewsey Wiltshire. m on 17 April 1790 Mary Lovelock .Born c1766 in Coombe, Enford. Co.Wiltshire England. died 10 Nov. Pewsey Wiltshire. m on 17 April 1790 Mary Lovelock (bc1777. d 14 Nov 1855.) Mentioned in her husbands will. Also mentioned - Grandson James b 1824..son of Jonathan had decendents who married into the Pentecost family who have decendents in the Poore family from Wiltshire. This family's estate papers are held at archives and contain the will of James Smallbones.d c 1831. Another will, describes this James as being a Yeoman (Or farmer) of Enford. This will is dated 1838 and is held at the national Archives uk. .
James death ref BMD Wales & England
James Smallbones and Mary Lovelock had children:

1 Jonathan Smallbones b 19 June 1797 in Devizes. Wiltshire. Jonathan died in 1878 at age 81 in Pewsey Wiltshire. He married Sarah King in Dinton Wiltshire on 4 Feb 1823 .Jonathon was a millwright and farm owner who owned 200 acres of land that employed 12 labourers. Mentioned in his Fathers will. He was an executor of the will and inherited 300 pounds plus the tenement cottages, outhouses, appurtenances,orchards, gardens and  farm at Acton Fittleton Wiltshire. He shared this inheritance with his brother George. He later seems to have taken over the farming and property inherited in Coombe by his Mother Mary. At this time he was living in Coombe in Enford. (neighbour to widow Mary Smallbones .)
ref 1841 census
Jonathan and Sarah King had children :
1a James Smallbones. b c1824. He married Christiana ? of Dowton,          Wiltshire. She was born c.1822. Christiana died in Bath at age 77 in             1893. . In the 1851 census James was registered as a Draper in the parish of Amesbury. James was living with wife Christiana in Somerset in 1871. In 1881 James was still registered as married but was a lodger in Walcott Somerset, (bath).He may have been travelling on business. At this time he was registered as a General dealer/employer. There is reference to a James Smallbones as being a Draper/owner in Sidmouth Street Devizes in 1852.James was mentioned in his grandfathers will.
James Smallbones and Christiana had children:
1a Alfred Smallbones. b c1859 in Malborough Wiltshire:He married Suzanna ? who was born c1857. They had children:

1ab1 Ellen Smallbones
. She was born in Bath c1889. M Ernest C Pentecost.b 1889 in Camborn. They had a child:

abc1 Alfred Ernest Pentecost b 26 Mar 1914 10 Stafford street Swindon Wiltshire. m a Phylis Ethel Wells b 1816. She died May 1977 and has living relatives. (See Pentecost Family Tree)

2a William King Smallbones b c 1826. Married Annie Thwaites Smallbones, daughter of James Smallbones and Mary Gibbons. She was his first cousin. b 1832. Annie T. Died aged 82 in Devizes in 1914. William Died 1899 Devizes Wiltshire. In 1841 census William was visiting the widow Mary ** above mentioned.
William and Annie T Smallbones had children.
2a1 William James Smallbones bc 1854 in Woodborough,(Pewsey) In the 1901 census he was registered as living in 19 Fanshaw rd, in Dronfield and was working as an assurance agent. He married Emily J ? who was born in Somerset Beckingham in c 1853. William James Smallbones and Emily J had children

2a1a1 Russell William LangfordSmallbones . born c 1884 in Derby Dronfield.He was an assurance clerk working with his father.He was killed in the 1st world war. (Ref war graves commissions)

2a1a2 Olive Smallbones born c 1885. in Derby Dronfield.She was employed as a letter carrier in 1901.

2a1a3 Arnold Smallbones b c1890 in Derby Dronfield

2a1a4 Hilda Smallbones b c1892 Derby Dronfield

2a1a5 Ivy Smallbones b c1897

2a2 Jonathon Lindsay Smallbones b c1854 in Woodborough. Died 1908 in Devizes Wiltshire
Ref BMD England & Wales

2a3 Elizabeth Anne Smallbones b 1856 in Enford

2a4 Henry William King Smallbones b c1859 . He was staying with his parents in the 1881 censes aged 22. (Devizes). He married Isabella. Dickinson in 1899, and they were living in derbyshire in 1901.(Sometimes referred to as HY William King Smallbones) Isabella born c 1859 in Yorks Sawley. She was a dressmaker. and they were living in 19 Mill Lane, Dronfield in 1901She was previously married to a Mr Dickenson. They had 2 boys who became stepsons to Henry William Smallbones..Henry was registered as a brass finisher in 1901. Isabella and Henry William King Smallbones had children

2a4a1 Annie J Smallbones born c1900.


a John J Dickinson. b c 1880. Reg as a railway drayman 1901 census.

b Miles Dickinson b c 1887. Reg as an errand boy in 1901.

2a5 Richard Ernest Smallbones b 1860 Enford died 1863 in Devizes Wiltshire

2a6 Eleanor Augusta Smallbones b 1862 Devizes Wiltshire.

2a7 Annie Thwaites Smallbones b c.1865 Easterton Berks
See Musuem extract in images gallery.

2a8 Sidney Herbert Smallbones b c1866. Died Devizes 1867
ref BMD England & Wales

2a9 Louis Bertrand Smallbones b c1867. Died 1867 Devizes.

2a10 George Herbert Smallbones b c1870. Died Devizes 1872
Ref BMD Wales & England

William Snr is sometimes referred to in census records as Wm King or Willm King Smallbones.
Marriage ref BMD index 1853
William Death ref BMD 1899

3a Jane Smallbones daughter. b. c1828

4a Sarah Smallbones b. c1833 Sarah was staying with James in Amesbury at the time of the 1851 census. She was registered as a farmers daughter. .

5a Ellen Smallbones b. c1835

2 Mary Ann Ainsworth Smallbones . b June 1800.
Mary ann is mentioned in her fathers will as the wife of James King. See King family tree.. b June 1800. Married James King. James was born c 1799. Mary Ann mentioned in her fathers will as Mary Ann my daughter.wife of James King. They were farmers in Dinton, Wiltshire and farmed 281 acres, employing 10 people. They had children:

2a1 Mary Anne King. b. c1825.

2a2 James King b c1826. Listed as an accountant in 1851.

2a3 Thomas King b c1829. Assisting his father on the farm in 1851.Married Anna L. Guyer.The 1881 census mentions they owned and lived on Ashley Hill Farm in Clarendon Park Wiltshire. Registration area Alderbury.They employed 5 people plus one boy.
Thomas and Anna had children
a Letitia P Guyer. b c1863. Reg as a governess.
b Elizabeth Guyer b c1868


2a3a1 Mary Ann L King. b c1874 in Dinton Wiltshire.

2a3a2 Margaret E. King b c.1876 in Dinton Wiltshire

2a3a3 James H King. b c.1878 in Clarendon Wiltshire.

2a3a4 Alice M King b.c1880 in Clarendon Wiltshire

2a3a5 Lucy A King. b 1881 in Clarendon Wiltshire.

2a4 Elizabeth King b c1831. Listed as a dress maker in 1851

2a5 Marie King. b c 1833. registered as a drapers assistant in the 1851 census and living with her cousin James (above).
2a5 Fanny King b c1839.

2a6 Albert King b c1842.

3 George Smallbones b 4 Nov 1802. Died Sept 1870 in Marlborough Wiltshire.Mentioned in his fathers will. received leasehold property at Axton Fittleton, Wiltshire and the assurance payments on the life of his father regarding this property.

*4 James Smallbones b 25 May 1805 See below**

5 Fanny Smallbones b 9 Oct 1807. Married Henry Reynolds of Devizes Wiltshire. who was born c 1806. They owned an Inn at Enford (Newbury) Berkshire, called the greyhound. (this is still in existence). Fanny is mentioned in her father will and inherited 300 pounds.Fanny and Henry Reynolds had children :
5ab1 Henry Reynolds c 1830 Devizes Wiltshire
5ab2 Edward Reynolds c 1831.
Have living ancestor relatives in Australia. One descendent Fanny EllenSmallwood, is still alive, at 102. She would be our oldest living Smallbones descendant,
( ref Thanks to Maxine Queensland 2007)
See . Reynolds family tree/

6 Mary Smallbones b 10 June 1810. d 4 April 1835.Mentioned in her fathers will. Inherited 300 pounds.

*4 JAMES SMALLBONES ( 1805 - )
Mentioned in his fahers will. Inherited 300 pounds and a purchase of a business. James Smallbones was born 25 May 1805. died 23 Mar 1878. He married Mary Jane Elizabeth Gibbons. She came from a wealthy family. (See Gibbons family tree John Gibbons 1748) James had money, probably as a result of this marriage and never had to work. but possibly he did. There is reference to a James Smallbones as being a Draper/owner in Sidmouth Street Devizes in 1852. Several of his children were born in Devizes. Also a James was recorded as church warden in Devizes and as a town councillor in 1854.(See historical directories). Mary Jane Elizabeth Gibbons was born on 21 Dec 1816. She died 29 Feb 1880. James Smallbones and Mary Jane Elizabeth had children :

1 Annie Thwaites Smallbones. Born 1832 in Devizes.Annie married her first cousin William King Smallbones..Child of Jonathan and Sarah King. See above. They had children.(SEE WILLIAM KING SMALLBONES ABOVE)

2 Mary Jane Smallbones b 21 June 1841
ref BMD England & Whales

3 Alfred James Smallbones b 16 Dec 1842. died March 1843
Ref BMD England & Whales

4 Julia Smallbones b 30 Jan 1844. Died 1846

5 Fanny Smallbones. b 27 Sept 1845 born Wiltshire. recorded in 1871 census as a school teacher in Isleworth Middlesex.
Living in Middlesex 1871 census

6 Henry Gibbons Smallbones b 10 Mar 1847. Devizes Wiltshire. Died 1916. and buried in Hanover N Carolina. In the US census 1880 he was recorded as living in New Hanover North Carolina USA. where he was a store clerk. His younger brother Walter was living in his household. He was 33 years old at this time and married a New Hanover born girl called Elizabeth Haywood Fillyaw b 26 Oct 1853 (Wilmington) She died on 31 May 1928. She was sometimes referred to as Liza Fillyaw. Henry Gibbons Smallbones and Elizabeth had children:
6a1 Fanny Gleaves Smallbones b New Hanover North Carolina USA in 1875. D. 1924 buried at Kingstree, SC. md. 14 Aug 1901, Charles L. Porter, b. 25 Jul 1865; d. 25 Oct 1926.

6a2 Grace Middleton SMALLBONES, md. James Hicks BUNTING, b. 17 Oct 1866 at Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, NC.
6a3 Alice Doane SMALLBONES, b. 20 Oct 1879 at Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, NC; d. 9 Mar 1914; buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, 2 Dec 1902, George W. BRUNSON.

6a4 John Wells Smallbones b New Hanover North Carolina USA in 1880.

6a5 Henry Gibbons SMALLBONES, Jr., b. 23 Oct 1881 at Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, NC; d. 27 Mar 1925; buried in Oakdale Cemetery at Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, 5 Jun 1906, Louise Ellen WELLS, b. in Gainesville, FL.

6a6 Theodore Wayman SMALLBONES, b. 8 Jan 1892 at Wilmington, New Hanover Cty, Eva GRADY, b. in Clinton, NC.

Ref Evans Zeller family tree & Us Census records.
Ref :

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